I am for hire. I speak, I do workshops, I present programs on healthy lifestyle matters to help people like you make behavior change more easily, more fun.

My talks are designed to be entertaining, informative and interactive. Everyone says that but I really mean it.

I can target my talks to whatever special audience you have in mind.

In my experience—more than 40 years, longevity matters—all ages of all people, everywhere, are interested in personal well-being.

Here are some sample topics:

“All is Well”—a deep dive into Marilynn’s newest book “All is Well: The Art {and Science} of Personal Well-Being.” Marilynn will zone in on a chapter of particular interest to your group, your company. Link Mind and Body. Live Long, Die Happy. Outsmart Your Smart Phone. Her mission is to help you lead your best life, whatever that means to you.

How to Become the Person You Wish You Were. It’s one thing to wish for a healthier happier lifestyle: more exercise, smarter eating, less stress, better balance. It’s another thing to make it happen. This talk explores -with humor, by example- the science (and art) of making positive, permanent, profound changes in your life.

40 Years on the Fitness Beat. . .and Still Eating Fries. Marilynn’s seen it all in her 40 years on the fitness beat, and now she tells it all in this talk featuring her five most shocking discoveries. Here’s a peek: It turns out, according to the latest research, making small inner movements in your own body is more important to your well being than playing sports. Really!

Make your workplace your workout. Your personal well–being practice needs to come to work with you. Wellness isn’t what you do before or after work, it’s all the decisions you make throughout the day. Stand up! Eat smart. Keep moving. Create a place of calm. Lots of Q & A and practical strategies to take home.

Aging! How to Stay Younger, Longer: Marilynn’s 9 Energy Express-o Rules for getting older in the youngest possible way. This talk is a big hit with Boomers who plan to live forever, and all the rest of us who value our health, our energy, and want an update on the very young, very surprising science of longevity. P.S. It’s not your genes, it’s your lifestyle.

My number one most favorite topic for a talk is the one you and I come up with, together.

To discuss fees, topics and availability, please contact me at

Some groups I’ve worked with

International Women’s Forum
American Heart Association
Social Venture Network

St. Lukes Hospital
Transitions Books
The Chicago Network