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All is Well: The Art {and Science} of Personal Well-Being.

Chapters are short, lively and opinionated: Link Mind and Body. Explore Endlessly. Tweet Mindfully. Raise an Active Kid. Grow Your Gray Matter. Be Your Own Uncle Sam. Each ends with an action step to help you make the change that matters to you, that moves you toward your best life. READ MORE >

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America’s longest running fitness column. Longevity matters.


Opinionated. Inspiring. Provocative. Energy Express is a unique and witty blend of journalism and commentary on what it means to live a healthier, happier lifestyle. Read it here. And click here to know more than you do now about Energy Express –its history, philosophy and constant nagging to eat real food.

About Marilynn

40 years on the fitness beat…and still eating fries.


I’ve had a long and juicy career as a journalist, author, playwright, Emmy winning producer and creator of America’s longest running healthy lifestyle column. READ MORE >

I didn’t create Energy Express for the uber-exerciser or ultra marathoner. It’s for all the rest of us who want to live a more conscious, balanced, energized life: moving better, eating smarter, always learning to integrate and celebrate mind, body and what’s left of our breath.
—Marilynn Preston