The Energy Express TV series – all about sports, fitness and adventure for kids and families – was a groundbreaking concept, and took me for a wild and wonderful creative ride in the 90’s.

Energy Express was syndicated to more than 120 cities by Tribune Entertainment. Kids loved us, teachers praised us, whole families watched us and besides our two Emmys, we also won a Women’s Sports Award for outstanding TV journalism and the top IRIS award at NATPE the year we were cancelled.

I say we because Energy Express unfolded as it did thanks to the hard work and good will of so many talented people. David Houle gets top credit as my business partner and co-executive producer.

Our home base was WGN-TV in Chicago, run by general manager Peter Walker. He guided Energy Express into existence in the most gentlemanly way. Jim Zerwekh too.

And today— in its latest digital incarnation – Energy Express lives on as EnEx TV, a YouTube channel developed for the Internet with Amir Alexander Hassan, Lindsey Gilmore and Danica Jokic.

The 30 minute original episodes have been spliced and diced into zippy webisodes that cover a wide array of activities: from soccer to skydiving, from basketball to bocce ball, from wrestling to wild animal training.

Energy Express TV Credits

Original series (1993-1995)

Created by: Marilynn Preston

Executive Producers: Marilynn Preston, David Houle, Jim Zerwekh

Written by: Marilynn Preston and Joan Kohn

Producers: Joyce Richman, Katrina Sarson, Linda Terry

Assistant Producer/Best Boy: Michael Preston

Host: David Waite

Clubhouse Coach: Steve Shenbaum.

Clubhouse Kids included: Lataunya Bounds, Meghan Brown, Deronis Cooper, Nicole Diamond, Jessica Gaines, Amir Alexander Hasson, Halena Kays, Kelly King, Beau LeMire, Rebecca Melsky, Marty Morris, Jenny Morrison, Olumiji Olawumi, Ginger Park, Beau River, Freddy Rodriguez, C.C. Seymour (Stacy Hirsch), Kate Shaw, Josh Travis, Saskia Young, Joy Zavaleta

Director – Robert Seid

(If I’ve left anyone out, I apologize. It’s been a while. I can barely remember the pass word to my bank account.)