“Marilynn has helped change my world. . .I am extraordinarily grateful for her intelligence, patience and passion.”  —Shelley R. Baltimore, Md.

Clients come to me for coaching because they want to make positive changes in their lives. And they don’t know how. Or they think they know how, but can’t make it happen.

Some want to lose weight. Or add sleep. Or handle stress better. Others want to exercise more. They know they should. More than ever, men and women want to experience a greater sense of well-being, however they define it.

How to live a healthier, happier lifestyle has been my field of expertise for more than 40 years. I know I’ve helped millions of readers find their way. I’ve also done lots of workshops and talks and answered many hundreds of questions about what it means to live your most energized and authentic life.

“It’s up to you, dear reader. . . I can inform, inspire, educate, amuse, cajole, and otherwise cheer you on, but when push comes to shove—two excellent ways to burn 100 calories—you’re in charge of your own personal well-being. And that’s the good news because the more you take charge, study up, and stay vigilant, the greater success you’ll experience.”

One essential question that’s fascinated me for years is: how does behavior change actually happen? What’s the science? What’s the art?

Why are some people able to shed 50 pounds and live in a body they love, while others keep repeating the same dieting mistakes and suffer endlessly?

How do some people manage to exercise more and experience greater joy in their lives, while others go around on remote control, with bad knees and an aching back, feeling miserable?

To help discover the answers, I decided to train and get certified by It’s considered the gold standard of certification when it comes to health and wellness coaching.

“Doctors are for sick care. Coaches are for well care. Doctors don’t know how to help you change your behavior. Wellcoaches do.”

Full disclosure: not only did I train as a Wellcoach, I go out of my way to sell the concept of health coaches whenever I can.

Why? Because doctors are for sick care. Coaches are for well care. Doctors don’t know how to help you change your behavior. Wellcoaches do. They also promote prevention, the key to success when it comes to fixing our health care system, but I digress. Back to coaching.

I’m not always available but when I am, I work one-on-one with clients who are ready to be helped. Together, we turn your own personal wellness vision into reality.

If you’re tired of starting over and over and ready to live the life you dream about, please contact me for more details.