About Marilynn Preston

Marilynn Preston—journalist, healthy lifestyle expert, Emmy winning producer, playwright—writes Energy Express, America’s longest running syndicated fitness column.

Marilynn was born and raised on the south side of Chicago in what is now known as “the neighborhood where Michelle Obama grew up.” She went to public school and won first prize at Bradwell Elementary for throwing a softball further than any other girl in her class. It was her first blue ribbon. Also her last. You’ve heard of ferociously competitive athletes? That’s not Marilynn.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from the University of Illinois, an Master’s in Journalism from Northwestern, and an honorary degree from the Chicago School of Bartending. Marilynn’s been an A.C.E. certified trainer since 1996 and is a certified Wellcoach. She spent 18 years at the Chicago Tribune eating glazed donuts and working as a TV, film and theater critic.

Forty years on the fitness beat. . .and still eating fries.

When it began in 1976, Energy Express (then called Dr. Jock) ran alongside two hot topics, CB radio and needlepoint. Back then healthy lifestyle wasn’t exactly trendy. Women in sports was a revolutionary idea, farmers markets were just for selling pigs, only hamsters ran on treadmills, and yoga and yogurt were interchangeable terms.

All that has changed in unexpected and wonderful ways and week after week for over 40 years, Marilynn has been cheerleading the way.

In the early 90’s, Marilynn created, exec produced and co-wrote the nationally syndicated Energy Express TV series about sports, fitness and adventure for kids and families. It ran in 120 cities, won two Emmys and a Women’s Sports Foundation award and lives today as a YouTube channel.

Marilynn’s third book, “All is Well: The Art {and Science} of Personal Well-Being” launches in April 2017, published by Creators Publishing.

In 1976. . .Women in sports was a revolutionary idea and yoga and yogurt were interchangeable terms.

When Marilynn isn’t writing about healthy lifestyle—from her stand-up desk—she is doing her best to live it. She’s circumambulated Mt. Kailash in Tibet, kayaked down the mighty Wisconsin, climbed Mt. Olympus in Greece, tasted wine from Napa to Napoli, bicycled

through France and Italy, cross-country skied from hut to hut in Vermont, golfed in Bhutan, and scuba dived in the YMCA pool in Chicago.

Her next big adventure is getting people to read “All is Well” and create their own healthiest, happiest life.

Here are some career highlights. (Lowlights available upon request)

• Founder & CEO: Energy Express TV productions

• TV, movie, theater critic & feature writer: Chicago Tribune and Chicago Today

• Playwright: “Celebrity Beat,” “Solomons’ Choice,” and “Blue Sky”

• TV and Radio: TV And Radio: Co-host of “Friends” public affairs series (NBC-Chicago); guest critic on “Back of the Book” (PBS) and “Entertainment Tonight”; co-star of “Stay Tuned,” (NBC-Chicago), NPR, radio syndication.

• Documentary: “Adventure Travel in Israel”—exec producer and writer

• Live Concert: “The Great Show” and “Dr. Cool and Pride’s Feeling Good Concert”

• Managing partner: Films4Auction—the first Internet auction of national and international distribution rights to feature films.

Girls in the Game

Energy Express TV has come and gone, but kid fitness is still a passion. That’s why I’m happy to support Girls in the Game, an award-winning non-profit that helps girls get the healthy lifestyle and leadership training they need to become strong, confident women.

I was the founding chair and more than 22 years later, I’m still a relentless board member. Girls who grow up with opportunities to play safe, eat smart, and get coached by caring adults grow up to become leaders, not law-breakers. It’s what violence prevention looks like.

Please visit GirlsInTheGame.org. Read the stories, learn about the great work we do, lend your support. We change lives, one girl at a time.